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2 months ago


  • 117ddf3 "Merge Tagged PR 9042"
  • b489b79 "Merge Tagged PR 9232"
  • 49219b8 Merge pull request #9349 from lat9nq/cmake-322
  • d6b6323 Merge pull request #9308 from lat9nq/from-scratch
  • cafca89 Merge pull request #9322 from german77/pump_events
  • c845d8a Merge pull request #9352 from lioncash/vidcast
  • 1a6785d Merge pull request #9354 from lioncash/const-param
  • b6d93b2 host1x/syncpoint_manager: Eliminate unnecessary std::function construction
  • c4af7b3 host1x/syncpoint_manager: Pass DeregisterAction() handle as const-ref
  • 96ffc17 maxwell_3d: Mark shifted value as unsigned
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  • d7ec031 engines: Remove unnecessary casts
  • 55a3cbf Merge pull request #9340 from lioncash/nvdrv
  • 55b546a Merge pull request #9347 from lioncash/vcast
  • 6b8ab9e Merge pull request #9346 from lioncash/vtable
  • a7f1fa7 Merge pull request #9345 from lioncash/fence
  • b6373c5 Merge pull request #9343 from lioncash/bounds
  • 0941ae0 CMake: Directly link to SDL2-static when appropriate
  • 47b133c CMakeLists: Bump minimum required CMake version to 3.22
  • a9efea8 video_core/surface: Eliminate casts in GetFormatType()
  • 25dda06 producer_listener: Add virtual destructor to IProducerListener
  • ae74f46 buffer_item_consumer: Pass fence by const-ref in ReleaseBuffer()
  • 3020f72 buffer_queue_consumer: std::move std::shared_ptr in Connect()
  • c0c4f6d consumer_base: Pass shared_ptr by const reference
  • 260a495 consumer_base: Remove redundant virtual
  • 7a329ae syncpoint_manager: Mark IsSyncpointAllocated() as const
  • d088302 syncpoint_manager: Reduce number of bounds checks
  • ad787b2 nvdrv: Simplify builder declarations
  • 7d8095d input_common: Pump sdl events from main thread
  • 35319ca startup_checks: Use fmt::print, fix exec error handling
  • 3e6c835 startup_checks: Use Windows flow for *nix

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