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yuzu 1255

2 months ago


  • 9034d53 "Merge Tagged PR 9042"
  • 47e40e4 "Merge Tagged PR 9232"
  • 3064e79 "Merge Tagged PR 9308"
  • aa4eae9 "Merge Tagged PR 9322"
  • bbb963a Merge pull request #9339 from lioncash/cacheheader
  • 51abe35 Merge pull request #9338 from lioncash/properties
  • 64ff79f Merge pull request #9337 from lioncash/pbr
  • e507c01 Merge pull request #9336 from lioncash/themepath
  • c2c9b44 common/cache_management: Amend header includes
  • 8265c16 input_common/helpers: Mark analog property structs members as static constexpr
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  • 780ae92 core/hid/emulated_controller: Use ranges version of transform
  • 2ec7d0b common/input: Add helpers functions for creating input and output devices
  • 7f42432 common/input: Pass ParamPackage by const reference in CreateDevice
  • e96f55b yuzu/main: Merge variable declaration into ifdef
  • 6291eec Merge pull request #9325 from german77/default_by_default
  • aaada24 yuzu-cmd: Fix default config value

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