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2 months ago


  • fbdfe98 "Merge Tagged PR 9042"
  • 967fc79 "Merge Tagged PR 9232"
  • d41ff47 "Merge Tagged PR 9308"
  • 6b64557 Merge pull request #8829 from Docteh/qt6_0002
  • a2fde04 Merge pull request #9317 from german77/input-crash
  • 71f2b4b Merge pull request #9323 from german77/intructions
  • a67e776 yuzu-cmd: Fix input callback crash on close
  • 4a46da6 yuzu-cmd: Update configuration file description
  • a75542a CMake: rework for Qt6 support [ #5343 ]
  • d23a35d qt: Add Qt version to LogRuntimes
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  • ad3ee5c Qt6: Disable IR Sensor when compiling with Qt6

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