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2 months ago


  • 978fd9d "Merge Tagged PR 8829"
  • 3218017 "Merge Tagged PR 9042"
  • 595522f "Merge Tagged PR 9308"
  • 3ab8d9a Merge pull request #9276 from goldenx86/fsrSlider
  • ef6144b Merge pull request #9324 from v1993/master
  • 278c0e6 crypto: use user-provided keys whenever possible
  • eabe453 Merge pull request #9318 from goldenx86/glsl-ftw
  • 701ca96 Oops
  • 26211ac Replace GLSL as the default OpenGL shader backend
  • 3e53d81 Merge pull request #9288 from vonchenplus/deferred_draw
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  • ddca512 Merge pull request #9307 from Morph1984/not-used-correctly
  • 972bd6c Sharpness instead of Sharpening
  • c8d84cb Merge pull request #1 from lat9nq/fsrSlider
  • 19a6402 configure_graphics: Implement custom FSR Sharpening setting
  • b670c35 settings: Reset FSR sharpening global state with the others
  • f209e97 FSR Sharpening Slider part 1 - only a global slider
  • 852de7a maxwell_to_vk: Add R16_SINT
  • ca154d4 maxwell_to_vk: Fix format usage bits
  • 1d57851 video_core: Optimize maxwell drawing trigger mechanism

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