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  • 74b6055 "Merge Tagged PR 8829"
  • 7c69a0c "Merge Tagged PR 9042"
  • 2572b0a Merge pull request #9302 from liamwhite/why-are-we-still-using-ado
  • e8cbc3b Merge pull request #9304 from liamwhite/menu-roll
  • 64965cc Merge pull request #9305 from lioncash/request
  • 20b62db Merge pull request #9194 from FernandoS27/yfc-fermi2d
  • 9d081a8 Merge pull request #9312 from FernandoS27/pokemomma
  • 826e078 Fermi2D: Cleanup and address feedback.
  • 3b582d5 GPU: Fix buffer cache issue, engine upload not inlining memory in multiline and pessismistic invalidation.
  • 7356ab1 GPU: Implement additional render target formats.
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  • daf2ef8 MaxwellDMA: Implement BlockLinear to BlockLinear copies.
  • 5fbd695 Fermi2D: Implement Bilinear software filtering and address feedback.
  • 957840b Fermi2D: Rework blit engine and add a software blitter.
  • 97f273e service: Make use of buffer element count helpers
  • 59335f6 hle_ipc: Add helper functions for getting number of buffer elements
  • c31f19b hle_ipc: Mark relevant member functions as [[nodiscard]]
  • 9abceae Qt: assign menuRole properties for actions
  • cdb2e4e externals: always use LibreSSL on Windows

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