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11 days ago


  • 59ea298 "Merge Tagged PR 8829"
  • d64c3a9 "Merge Tagged PR 9042"
  • 57a05b1 Merge pull request #9238 from german77/cabinet_applet
  • 69c92b8 Merge pull request #9249 from goldenx86/available-vram
  • 4acbf3a Merge pull request #9274 from Morph1984/issue-forms
  • 54d6273 github: Add blank issue template
  • 98a6cd0 github: Remove old markdown form
  • 52acdaf github: Add new feature request issue form
  • 975e17a github: Add new bug report issue form
  • 7211893 Merge pull request #9271 from merryhime/dynarmic-mwe128-stack-misalignment
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  • 109c31c Merge pull request #9254 from FernandoS27/auto-cpu-fix
  • 344e171 dynarmic: Fix stack misalignment in GenMemory128Accessors
  • bc95753 Dynarmic: Remove inaccurate NaN from Auto CPU settings.
  • 7c50a91 Update renderer_vulkan.cpp
  • 75e6ec8 general: Address review comments
  • a253d15 service: am: Fix cabinet applet result
  • 9afadca yuzu: Implement cabinet applet frontend
  • fb57cd2 service: am: Implement cabinet applet backend
  • b193d40 input_common: Add amiibo applet functions
  • 6c045c9 service: nfc: fix tagprotocol and implement GetApplicationAreaId

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