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22 days ago


  • 70cf274 "Merge Tagged PR 9042"
  • 08091ff Merge pull request #9226 from Kelebek1/regs_regression
  • b51c154 Merge pull request #9224 from liamwhite/services-arent-processes
  • 7dfe35e Merge pull request #9231 from goldenx86/corecount
  • 69768ec Add CPU core count to log files
  • e4d55e4 Merge pull request #9204 from vonchenplus/dma_copy_1d_random_crash
  • c4bc7ce Merge pull request #9133 from FearlessTobi/compat-improvements
  • 211da31 yuzu/main: Change to 8_GiB instead of magic number
  • c973029 Merge pull request #9167 from vonchenplus/tess
  • 33ea0fd Fix regs regression with OpenGL two-sided stencil, and re-add data invalidation reg
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  • b34d3d5 service_thread: remove explicit KProcess
  • 26a1d4f yuzu/compatdb: Rework compatibility submission system
  • d03afd6 video_core: Fix dma copy 1D random crash
  • a4472b5 video_core: Fix few issues in Tess stage

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