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17 days ago


  • d39a655 "Merge Tagged PR 9042"
  • 5eb30c7 Merge pull request #9223 from goldenx86/threadcount
  • c9bb888 ir/texture_pass: Use host_info instead of querying Settings::values (#9176)
  • d05b183 Merge pull request #9198 from liamwhite/arm64
  • 83eb9cf Merge pull request #9180 from Docteh/remove_stuff
  • 0e84fd9 Merge pull request #9217 from HidroSaphire/patch-1
  • bb55d2e Merge pull request #9192 from german77/i_had_to_copy_each_one_again
  • 0c176ce Me likes
  • ea41c53 Merge pull request #9183 from liamwhite/svc-refresh
  • 766941f Add CPU thread count to log files
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  • 4eece4d kernel/svc_types: refresh
  • cbaf642 Initial ARM64 support
  • d581a4a Add break statement in default cases
  • aa55c62 yuzu: Change QtKeyToSwitchKey switch case to array
  • a5d8703 UI: split up strings relating to content removal

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