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one month ago


  • 08b0427 "Merge Tagged PR 9042"
  • 9fc1bcc Update shader cache version. (#9175)
  • 75596c0 video_core: Fix SNORM texture buffer emulating error (#9001)
  • ece22fc UI: Add options to hide extra columns (#9093)
  • 38e4382 Merge pull request #8858 from vonchenplus/mipmap
  • 37de880 Merge pull request #9135 from liamwhite/service-thread-event
  • 3794851 Merge pull request #9154 from liamwhite/new-fb
  • 74275d0 Merge pull request #9097 from liamwhite/intel-spv-compiler
  • 77b74f5 sm:: avoid excessive port recreation
  • 633411c kernel: fix single core for service threads
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  • 2228383 kernel: fix port tracking
  • 7aa91c8 k_server_session: add SendReplyHLE
  • 7837185 service_thread: convert to map for session management
  • 983f2b7 kernel: invert session request handling flow
  • 808e229 vk_blit_screen: recreate swapchain images on guest format change
  • 9524e28 video_core: don't build ASTC decoder shader unless requested
  • c864cb5 Merge branch 'master' into mipmap
  • 9a95c7f video_core: Generate mipmap texture by drawing

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