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one month ago


  • d5e4359 "Merge Tagged PR 9140"
  • 84d15c7 Merge pull request #9127 from vonchenplus/vulkan_clear
  • 8ce6256 Merge pull request #9138 from liamwhite/hbl-stacktrace
  • 3e6840a arm_interface: curb infinite recursion in stacktrace generation
  • 25d53e6 Merge pull request #9115 from vonchenplus/game_name_by_language
  • 2011807 Merge pull request #9126 from vonchenplus/revert-8068-shader-if-false
  • 86a3a0b Merge pull request #9134 from lioncash/init
  • e0ec9ff audio_in/out_system: Pass Initialize members by value where applicable
  • 0ec1801 video_core: Catch vulkan clear op not all channel need clear
  • 165bce3 Revert "shader_recompiler/dead_code_elimination: Add DeadBranchElimination pass"
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  • 1689e0a file_sys: Priority display of game titles in the current language

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