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one month ago


  • d8e3380 Merge pull request #9128 from abouvier/patch-1
  • e59bd6c Merge pull request #9113 from german77/peer_pressure
  • 77803d9 Merge pull request #9107 from german77/gidoly_rules
  • fa9b7db tests: fix for -Wall [ #9123 ]
  • fa913a7 Merge pull request #9112 from vonchenplus/deferred_draw
  • 2ccbf5a core: hid: Add handheld to nfc devices
  • 2f90694 video_core: Implement maxwell inline_index method
  • 3e0aaeb service: nfp: Allow amiibos without keys
  • 82fdfb3 service: nfp: remove unnecessary include
  • 1f54cd4 video_coare: Reimplementing the maxwell drawing trigger mechanism
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  • 7f66050 input_common: cache vibration tests

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