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  • 0313ee7 Merge pull request #9105 from Morph1984/warnings
  • 120cd45 CMakeLists: Disable -Wbraced-scalar-init on Clang
  • f51c71e yuzu: Resolve -Wpessimizing-move
  • bb31b0f startup_checks: Resolve -Wstringop-truncation
  • f86774c startup_checks: Resolve -Wformat
  • 42c4ef7 general: Resolve -Wunused-but-set-variable
  • c7e079a general: Resolve -Wunused-lambda-capture and C5233
  • 6908ea2 general: Resolve -Wclass-memaccess
  • 3474325 ipc_helpers: Ignore GCC compiler warnings only on GCC
  • b02c3f2 CMakeLists: Enforce C5233 on MSVC
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  • 3822e31 CMakeLists: Disable C4100 and C4324
  • cae1084 CMakeLists: Remove redundant warnings
  • bad3025 decoders: Use 2's complement instead of unary -
  • f3c40f4 CMakeLists: Treat MSVC warnings as errors
  • e6ab1f6 general: Enforce C4800 everywhere except in video_core
  • 93297d1 CMakeLists: Remove all redundant warnings
  • 91c410c CMakeLists: Consolidate all unused warnings into -Wunused
  • 4966956 CMakeLists: Treat -Wall and -Wextra as errors

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