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one month ago


  • efaedca Merge pull request #9106 from lioncash/copy-err
  • 49682a0 Merge pull request #9108 from Morph1984/r32-b24g8
  • aa9e905 Merge pull request #9109 from lioncash/session
  • 93a7058 k_session_request: Add missing override specifier
  • f16db30 format_lookup_table: Implement R32_B24G8 with D32_FLOAT_S8_UINT
  • 969387a k_session_request: Turn C-style array into std::array
  • 3968fae k_session_request: Simplify constructor initialization
  • 0b181ee hid/npad: Fix copy size in GetSupportedNpadIdTypes
  • 6b71530 Merge pull request #9088 from Fdawgs/chore/images
  • a6628e8 Merge pull request #9078 from liamwhite/session-request
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  • 9e16837 Merge pull request #9099 from Docteh/undocked
  • c0b1bdd Merge pull request #9096 from Kelebek1/audio_15
  • d4c0b7b Controller Applet had instance of Undocked, make Handheld
  • fca195b kernel: remove most SessionRequestManager handling from KServerSession
  • 3efb8eb kernel: add KSessionRequest
  • 7bd3930 Update audio_core for firmware 15.0.0
  • 40d9107 general: compress png images

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