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yuzu 1202

one month ago


  • c75a4bd Merge pull request #9085 from Docteh/TX_TOKEN
  • 2f37c79 Merge pull request #9079 from Morph1984/unknown-unkowns
  • f107e58 Merge pull request #9080 from lat9nq/sdl-audio-not-null
  • c70e1d0 Set TX_TOKEN for transifex client
  • 4b773b1 sdl2_sink: Inline variable init into if condition
  • 9fe0776 sdl2_sink: Distinguish between capture and non-capture device names
  • 5c7eef3 sdl2_sink: Check for null string when loading SDL audio devices
  • ddf5577 video_core: Fix spelling of "synchronize"
  • f706b3b general: Fix spelling of "unknown"

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