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yuzu 1199

one month ago


  • 553be19 Merge pull request #9067 from Morph1984/tess-cw
  • 048d3e2 Merge pull request #9039 from Kelebek1/auto_backend
  • 3c925a7 Merge pull request #9032 from liamwhite/stub-friends
  • e37d003 Merge pull request #9065 from liamwhite/result-mess
  • d3114c6 renderer_(opengl/vulkan): Fix tessellation clockwise parameter
  • 26b76d2 Merge pull request #9066 from Morph1984/fix-stretch-to-window
  • e2164f3 settings: Update aspect_ratio range
  • c0fb5e8 result: enforce reference check specialization
  • 8c9e238 Choose the SDL audio backend when Cubeb reports too high of a latency
  • ddf64e5 IFriendService: stub CheckFriendListAvailability

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