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one month ago


  • fe7b7e7 "Merge Tagged PR 9027"
  • 1552134 Merge pull request #9016 from liamwhite/drunken-schedule
  • b7ad833 Merge pull request #8932 from abouvier/cmake-pkgconfig
  • 6f101e0 Merge pull request #9030 from Morph1984/api-disable
  • 972b93b Merge pull request #8807 from Docteh/default_fonts
  • 1e35ade configure_graphics: Fix graphics API selection when a game is running
  • b8777b6 Merge pull request #9028 from liamwhite/wtype-limits
  • 9574429 nfp_types: silence -Wtype-limits
  • 7969d4d vk_scheduler: wait for command processing to complete
  • 1dba5fa Qt: work around Qt5's font choice for Chinese
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