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yuzu 1189

2 months ago


  • 71fe9fd Merge pull request #8987 from liamwhite/another-name-for-reinforcement-steel
  • 4774e32 Merge pull request #9011 from liamwhite/frog-emoji-moment
  • fc0ace6 Merge pull request #9005 from liamwhite/micro-fit
  • 92c0ad2 Merge pull request #9010 from liamwhite/buttwise
  • ae7062d shader_recompiler: add extended LDC to GLASM backend
  • 1225627 macro_jit_x64: fix miscompilation of bit extraction operations
  • b80f7fa macro_jit_x64: cancel exit for taken branch
  • 087c6c2 vulkan: automatically use larger staging buffer sizes when possible

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