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one month ago


  • 61399de Merge pull request #8955 from german77/amiibo-rewrite
  • 1485daf service: mii: Copy only valid name bytes
  • d9d566b service: nfp: Implement mount target and open application area errors, minor fixes
  • 673de39 nfp: Multiple fixes against HW
  • 3ce0ef0 service: nfp: address comments
  • afea5c1 service: nfp: Rewrite and implement applet calls
  • 8a3d22c core: hid: Add nfc support to emulated controller
  • f6d57d7 yuzu: Use virtual amiibo driver instead of nfp service
  • da8864d input_common: Enable virtual amiibo driver
  • e8d7171 input_common: Create virtual amiibo driver

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