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2 months ago


  • fa2761e "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 604f182 "Merge Tagged PR 8876"
  • 1b1b99f Merge pull request #8941 from Kelebek1/single_core_sucks
  • d794ced Merge pull request #8945 from Tachi107/typos
  • 5082efe Merge pull request #8948 from german77/order
  • 86ccc87 Merge pull request #8933 from lat9nq/ci-use-apprun-sh
  • 12baf88 Merge pull request #8930 from lat9nq/disable-vulkan-check
  • f711d1c yuzu: sort input profiles by name
  • 70abb13 Merge pull request #8943 from lioncash/netiface
  • c2c3f2c Merge pull request #8939 from lioncash/render
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  • 3b77dec Merge pull request #8938 from lioncash/manager
  • 4a493cb chore: fix some typos
  • c8da75b sockets: Make fd member variable protected
  • 56b8a9b Do not try to pause core timing from the audio thread when using single-core
  • c891497 audio_renderer: Make GetCommandBuffer() take a u32
  • 00616c7 audio_manager: Forward declare result type
  • 75d6fe3 audio_manager: Remove redundant cast in ThreadFunc()
  • e48e22e audio_manager: move std::functions in SetOutManager/SetInManager
  • da0fd51 audio_manager: Remove unused forward declarations
  • 08d81e0 audio_manager: Remove unused sessions_started member variable
  • b59b967 audio_manager: Remove dependence on system state
  • 37b4f79 ci/linux: Use to start AppImage
  • 89af4bf yuzu qt: Add option to disable startup Vulkan check

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