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2 months ago


  • cf8005c "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 3d15d6e "Merge Tagged PR 8871"
  • 7172339 Merge pull request #8827 from german77/amiibo_release
  • 9c32f29 Merge pull request #8650 from Kelebek1/vsync
  • 063b23c core: nfp: Remove magic numbers
  • 4834961 core: nfp: Workaround for lack of multiple nfp interfaces
  • caa138b core: nfp: Correct date and amiibo name
  • 19a4e12 core: nfp: Implement Convert and RecreateApplicationArea, accuracy fixes
  • 848f69e core: nfp: Implement amiibo encryption
  • 606cdb1 core_timing: Sleep in discrete intervals, yield during spin
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  • 658e1ee Add missing looping event schedule signal
  • 83a24ad Make coretiming waiting more accurate
  • 9d3b190 Rework multi-core vsync

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