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2 months ago


  • c909023 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 246c099 "Merge Tagged PR 8871"
  • 4a7a771 Merge pull request #8914 from lioncash/audio-const
  • eb72667 Merge pull request #8916 from Docteh/muilti_build
  • 92813f0 Merge pull request #8906 from Docteh/fix_icons
  • 49870ba GIT: Modify .gitignore to ignore wildcard for build directories
  • 344006b Merge pull request #8869 from SachinVin/cmake
  • 8dafe15 Merge pull request #8649 from lat9nq/common-position-independent
  • 44ccec7 Merge pull request #8682 from lat9nq/dumpy
  • 882dfa3 Merge pull request #6667 from lat9nq/ea-appimage
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  • 60aa942 Merge pull request #8911 from lioncash/cexpr-string
  • 7e3cdfc audio_renderer: Pass command buffer by const reference
  • d5d6322 sink_stream: Mark GetQueueSize as const
  • 6b1cb73 node_states: Mark relevant member functions as const
  • e4bc7b8 i3dl2/reverb: Mark relevant member functions as const
  • b2c2138 behavior_info: Mark CopyErrorInfo as const
  • b862d5d audio_device: Mark GetDeviceVolume as const
  • 36c7776 audio_render_manager: Mark several functions as const
  • 7a5d235 audio_in: Mark several functions as const
  • d1f3c12 audio_out: Mark several functions as const
  • e9109cb audio_buffers: Pass by const-ref in AppendBuffers
  • cb2a33b device_session: Convert for loop into ranged for in AppendBuffers
  • a278fa6 device_session: Pass arguments by const-ref in relevant functions
  • 9554c67 UI: move icons from default into colorful theme.
  • d55046c audio_device: Mark member functions as const where applicable
  • 1c7dae9 audio_device: Make AudioDeviceName constructor constexpr
  • 9c6cd93 core/CMakeLists.txt: Remove duplicate files.
  • 9dc9e50 ci/windows: Upload debugging symbols
  • 12f7d42 mini_dump: Address review feedback
  • 45b343d ci,workflows: Enable crash dumps on MSVC builds
  • c976613 vcpkg,cmake: Use vcpkg for dbghelp
  • e339ec0 mini_dump: Check for debugger before spawning a child
  • 3dbaafe mini_dump: Cleanup and add comments
  • f958cbc yuzu: Use a debugger to generate minidumps
  • 260430c common: Use PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR to find CMakeModules
  • 6b58db9 patreon step2: Use jobs to build for Windows and Linux
  • d77fe3b ci/linux: EA AppImage adjustments
  • 69bd6cd patreon step2: Enable Linux build
  • dc915af ci,linux: Support Patreon releases

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