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2 months ago


  • 6f0aa46 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • a647d9e "Merge Tagged PR 6667"
  • e85bda5 Merge pull request #8878 from Kelebek1/remove_pause
  • b5a06bc Merge pull request #8902 from Morph1984/new_sd_icons
  • b06ef5d Merge pull request #8901 from lioncash/docs
  • 0a63d43 Merge pull request #8909 from Docteh/taslinky
  • 2c91fbf audio_core: Amend documentation tags
  • 463cc95 Merge pull request #8904 from liushuyu/fix-xbyak-linkage
  • fbbedb0 UI: Fix link to TAS help page
  • 7fda6de common: do not link to xbyak on non-amd64 architectures
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  • e93e898 Remove pause callbacks from coretiming
  • 56be24d qt_themes: Add colorful and dark mode sd card icons
  • 949917b qt_themes: Update sd card icon

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