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3 months ago


  • 69fd7e6 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 06e8880 "Merge Tagged PR 6667"
  • cc68714 "Merge Tagged PR 8485"
  • e37e3d3 Merge pull request #8790 from liamwhite/too-many-ways-to-name-a-byte-string
  • 1088e8c Merge pull request #8783 from german77/looong
  • 7a3e5fe Merge pull request #8797 from Docteh/filtering
  • 776bcec Merge pull request #8795 from vonchenplus/support_framebuffer_crop_rect_top_not_zero
  • 47c716e Merge pull request #8794 from vonchenplus/clkrst_service
  • 5863f16 Qt: Retranslate GameList header and Filter line
  • 0a8c5c8 video_core: support framebuffer crop rect top not zero
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  • 4bab0d0 core: implement clkrst service
  • 39cf6ab core/file_sys: fix BuildId padding
  • bfbee62 yuzu: Allow longer controller profile names

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