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3 months ago


  • 9f7e98c "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • bdae4a0 "Merge Tagged PR 6667"
  • d846ee7 "Merge Tagged PR 8485"
  • 411e58d Merge pull request #8756 from Kelebek1/vol
  • cba3b05 Merge pull request #8755 from Morph1984/delimit-ips
  • ce42465 Merge pull request #8741 from Docteh/aboot
  • 85c9e31 Do some log memes to help perceived volume
  • 5a6a264 Merge pull request #8745 from merryhime/null-fastmem-arena
  • b25090d Allow audio volume up to 200%
  • a44da3c ips_layer: Delimit parsed hex value string
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  • e8a59a6 Merge pull request #8647 from Docteh/default_dark
  • d4b1095 review pass on CheckDarkMode function
  • 536626f Merge pull request #8731 from FearlessTobi/better-ldn
  • 56115f7 core: ldn: Address review comments part 2
  • 9bdef74 arm_dynarmic: Fix nullptr fastmem arenas
  • af9c3e9 Qt: tweak ui files
  • 8eb2c73 core: ldn: Address review comments
  • 12dc050 ldn: Add better stubs and more data types
  • cfbd70d assign colors to default_dark theme
  • b51db12 Linux: handle dark system themes nicely

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