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4 months ago


  • d99d194 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • f648796 "Merge Tagged PR 6667"
  • 5ea3f54 "Merge Tagged PR 8240"
  • 2493170 "Merge Tagged PR 8485"
  • 0e20f66 "Merge Tagged PR 8658"
  • 5ae0e5b Merge pull request #8678 from liamwhite/stop-waiting
  • 3bbc1cf Merge pull request #8622 from liamwhite/progress
  • 3bd7267 Merge pull request #8692 from DCNick3/write-command-output-on-close
  • 1cf6f5c Properly write out the command buffer when serving close request
  • fc013d8 video_core: stop waiting for shader compilation on user cancel
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  • 8621422 qt: reset progress bar after shader compilation

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