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4 months ago


  • 30cad52 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 6b5a48d "Merge Tagged PR 8240"
  • be5b128 "Merge Tagged PR 8485"
  • 1dc4ff0 Update
  • 34f7502 Update config.yml
  • 880006c Merge pull request #8656 from german77/audio-step
  • 52dd68c Merge pull request #8349 from yuzu-emu/revert-8256-ci-vs-2022
  • c2895df Merge pull request #8659 from lat9nq/drpc-yuzu
  • 58bc612 externals: Use yuzu-emu/discord-rpc to provide Discord integration
  • e5615c4 Merge pull request #8657 from Kelebek1/depop
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  • 1e3afd5 Merge pull request #8642 from lat9nq/appimg-more-control
  • 6c47b43 Avoid depop out of bounds
  • 2fdefd7 yuzu: Add incremental steps to volume hotkeys
  • 5e27d37 ci/linux: Delete libwayland-client from AppDir
  • 3f37e22 Revert "ci: Enable building with Visual Studio 2022"

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