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4 months ago


  • c9fc5c5 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • ae8703c "Merge Tagged PR 8240"
  • 0e5a617 "Merge Tagged PR 8349"
  • 8a6d4ab "Merge Tagged PR 8542"
  • c5b09c7 "Merge Tagged PR 8585"
  • 6aceab0 "Merge Tagged PR 8592"
  • 046d21a "Merge Tagged PR 8642"
  • 1e67d2b Merge pull request #8541 from FearlessTobi/multiplayer-part1
  • a41baaa network: Address review comments
  • 61ce57b network, yuzu: Make copyright headers SPDX-compliant
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  • 6a2dcc8 network, yuzu: Improve variable naming and style consistency
  • 6b5667d yuzu_cmd: Fix compilation
  • 7d82e57 network: Move global state into a seperate class
  • 899c8bb common: multiplayer: Use GameInfo type
  • 4b40419 Address second part of review comments
  • 6c8e456 Address first part of review comments
  • ec407bd Fix compilation on linux gcc
  • ee5cb9c web_service: Fix -Wmissing-field-initializers
  • 7fbd291 core: Fix -Wunused-variable
  • 7c3d241 common, core: fix -Wmissing-field-initializers
  • 1b36542 yuzu: Hide multiplayer button and room status
  • 705f7db yuzu: Add ui files for multiplayer rooms
  • dcfe0a5 network: Add initial files and enet dependency
  • 1bcde9d Merge pull request #8564 from lat9nq/dinner-fork
  • 591d1f1 Merge pull request #8549 from liamwhite/kscheduler-sc
  • a9a83fa kernel: Ensure all uses of disable_count are balanced
  • 7713758 kernel: be more careful about initialization path for HLE threads
  • da07e13 kernel: fix single-core preemption points
  • 21945ae kernel: fix issues with single core mode
  • 0624c88 kernel: use KScheduler from mesosphere
  • 7d9369d startup_checks: Use WaitForSingleObject and more cleanup
  • 2d2a69a startup_checks: Use GetEnvironmentVariableA
  • d57cd8b startup_checks: Clean up
  • fd4e48f startup_checks: Implement unix side code
  • 33abdff yuzu: Simplify broken Vulkan handling
  • 4f15d9e yuzu: Check Vulkan on startup with a child
  • 568a0ac yuzu: Rename check_vulkan to startup_checks

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