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4 months ago


  • 9e5abdd "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • d9b368c "Merge Tagged PR 8240"
  • 5ed5b0d "Merge Tagged PR 8349"
  • b09c2fe "Merge Tagged PR 8542"
  • 60e2119 "Merge Tagged PR 8545"
  • 8815ebc "Merge Tagged PR 8604"
  • 09300ab Merge pull request #8569 from merryhime/watchpoints
  • ba8ea95 Merge pull request #8508 from yuzu-emu/mc-speed-limit
  • a5bdf82 Merge pull request #8544 from german77/14dot0
  • 6d16087 hle: service: nvflinger: Fix implicit conversion.
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  • 0228247 yuzu: settings: Remove framerate cap and merge unlocked framerate setting.
  • f8aaa59 hle: service: nvflinger: Factor speed limit into frame time calculation.
  • 40e39dd dynarmic: Abort watchpoints ASAP
  • 1584de9 service: fatal: Add function table
  • 2535e9d service: btdrv,bcat,btm: Update service tables to 14.0.0
  • 8e0e2e9 service am: Update service tables to 14.0.0
  • 32b522b service: ac: Replace intances of ProfileData with UserData

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