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4 months ago


  • 257b6cb "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 034b86a "Merge Tagged PR 8240"
  • 729ac42 "Merge Tagged PR 8349"
  • 69e0a45 "Merge Tagged PR 8542"
  • fc2760e "Merge Tagged PR 8545"
  • 78d1690 "Merge Tagged PR 8569"
  • e4eb7ac Merge pull request #8525 from lat9nq/update-sdl
  • 8ca8281 Merge pull request #8543 from BreadFish64/use_tsc_from_caps
  • 7d66f83 Merge pull request #8593 from merryhime/ranged-setting-T
  • b8813ed Merge pull request #8594 from liamwhite/skip-wp
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  • 87bb448 Merge pull request #8511 from german77/hbmenu
  • a9a9999 core/arm: skip watchpoint checks when reading instructions
  • 99fbdaf common/setting: Make ranged a property of the type
  • e71d457 guard against div-by-zero
  • b2ad4dd common/x64: Use TSC clock rate from CPUID when available
  • 4f84762 externals/SDL: Update to prerelease-2.23.1
  • b38509b service: nifm: Stub GetInternetConnectionStatus
  • c0264d2 service: ptm: Rewrite PSM and add TS

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