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v2.5.2.0 (Released Feb 23, 2021)

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v2.5.2 - Feb 23, 2021



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docker pull yugabytedb/yugabyte:


Yugabyte Platform

  • [5376] Added EULA in user registration flow during Platform installation
  • [5732] Disable "Delete provider" for on-premise provider with active universes
  • [5836] Package managed python packages in a portable manner
  • [5919] Platform: change default storage option for AWS provider to 1x250GB
  • [6017] Platform: Need ability for platform to check for actual clock synchronization
  • [6035] Platform UI: show region level config paths for k8s providers
  • [6084] Platform UI: disable STOP and REMOVE actions for kubernetes pods
  • [6165] Platform: Renamed "Universe backups" label for keyspace -or- namespace level backups.
  • [6230] Platform: Add tooltips to KMS Configuration UI
  • [6346] UI visual feedback for KMS related tasks
  • [6421] Edit Universe fails silently in case when it has decommissioned node(s)
  • [6477] UI validation for duplicate region codes
  • [6540] Add ability to remove certificates from UI
  • [6655] Platform: Enabled AWS timeSync as a default on AWS universe
  • [6680] [6882] Platform: Disabled deleting storage configuration when it is in use
  • [6708] For AWS universes fetch instance types with respect to selected availability zones
  • [6740] Update clients to support mTLS in YB clusters.
  • [6807] Platform: Kubernetes: Allow specifying namespace in the AZ config
  • [6838] [6839] [YW] Remove YSQL transactions metrics from Metrics tab
  • [6858] Platform: Preflight checks for NFS backup storage configuration
  • [6893] Platform: Allow platform to specify min TLS version for its own frontend

Core Database

  • [3565] tools: Allow developers to run yugabyted from the repo
  • [4230] tools: Multi-node cluster restart support for yugabyted
  • [5686] YSQL: apply empty deletes sparingly
  • [5716] Enable Master Register From Raft by Default
  • [6128] 2dc: Enable Replicate Intents By Default
  • [6215] YSQL: Support index backfill on colocated tables
  • [6511] YSQL: the WITH clause is now supported
  • [6571] Handle read replicas when checking counts in GetTabletLocations
  • [6632] ybase: Add new flag for how many servers to wait for before the transactions table is
  • [6636] docdb: Cache table->tablespace->placement information in YB-Master
  • [6637] YSQL: Support CREATE TABLE/INDEX <table/index> SET TABLESPACE
  • [6638] YSQL: Support DROP TABLESPACE API
  • [6720] YSQL: pg_hint_plan is now available. This allows you to adjust the query execution plan with hinting phrases in specially formatted comments.
  • [6749] YSQL: Add support for FETCH NEXT, FORWARD, and positive row-count options
  • [6771] YSQL: Add functionality to validate keys in a JSON object
  • [6772] Display tserver clock information in yb-master UI
  • [6784] YSQL: use all rather than, ::0/0 in hba conf (#7046)
  • [6825] Add tablet server readiness to yb-ts-cli
  • [6833] TLS Improvements: Add flag to skip client endpoint verification
  • [6841] Display table/cluster replication info in the table UI
  • [6900] YSQL: Imported from PostgreSQL: Avoid some table rewrites for ALTER TABLE .. SET DATA TYPE timestamp
  • [6928] [7105] Add tracing support for yb-client/transactions
  • [6966] YCQL: Java driver changes to allow primary key column with DECIMAL type.
  • [6996] ybase: List the host for pending remote bootstrap
  • [7015] Allow providing restore time for snapshot
  • [7016] docdb: Enabled sanity check that tablet lookup result matches partition key
  • [7038] ybase: Make callhome_enabled a runtime flag

Bug Fixes

Yugabyte Platform

  • [5172] Health check time is always in the Pacific timezone
  • [5489] Fix slow query panel returning TypeError from API request.
  • [5489] [YW] Add tab panels to Queries tab to separate live from slow queries.
  • [5571] Use local YSQL socket for backups if --ysql_enable_auth is true
  • [5594] Platform: Handle invalid certs/keys correctly
  • [5694] Platform: Fixed Metrics custom time window issue
  • [6164] Manual backup of ysql task is not showing up in the universe tasks page
  • [6320] Platform: Create Universe does not validate encryption-at-rest
  • [6583] Platform: Fixed the UI alignment for on-prem universes
  • [6758] For on-prem universes, unable to reuse certain instances that are disassociated from a universe
  • [6759] [6760] [6814] Platform: Fixed availability zone error scenarios
  • [6817] [6904] Restore of large number of keyspaces/tables fails with '413 Request Entity Too Large
  • [6901] Platform: YW Fails to send alert email
  • [6911] Platform: Alert for removed universe fires forever
  • [6919] Fix crashing on-prem provider page due to missing instance type details
  • [6965] YSQL backups with node-to-node TLS encryption enabled hang forever
  • [6983] Increase ssh timeout for checking instance availability
  • [7082] Platform: Health-check script generates an alert for 2.5.x when using Python 3
  • [7107] Platform: Changing node filter for universe metrics does not update the graphs
  • [7114] Platform: Fixes a bug while backing up multiple ysql namespaces for encrypted at rest universe
  • [7159] Allow only one cluster per K8s provider with namespace
  • [7196] Health checks should default to TLSv1.2
  • [7233] Fix data format for slow query top sql statement data cells
  • [7268] Use the correct SSH user for on-prem node preflight checks

Core Database

  • [4599] YSQL: Fix calculation for transaction counts in YSQL metrics.
  • [4813] YSQL: Imported from PostgreSQL: Don't log incomplete startup packet if it's empty
  • [5007] YSQL: Properly set retain_delete_markers for colocated tables
  • [6397] ybase: blacklisted TS' initial load not replicated during master failover
  • [6406] docdb: Fixed SPLIT_OP replay during bootstrap of the tablet that was crashed before SPLIT_OP apply
  • [6436] YSQL: Avoid cache invalidation initiated by other process
  • [6537] YSQL: Backup: Fixed CREATE INDEX statement generated by ysql_dump to use SPLIT INTO syntax.
  • [6593] Additional default firewall ports
  • [6628] docdb: Read Table Partitions from Snapshot
  • [6735] YCQL: Treat overwritten docdb collection entries as expired
  • [6811] YSQL: apply empty deletes for index backfill
  • [6829] [6879] YCQL: Fixed various issues for literals of collection datatypes
  • [6876] 2dc: Fix data race between TwoDCOutputClient::WriteCDCRecordDone and TwoDCOutputClient destructor
  • [6881] YSQL: Imported from PostgreSQL: Fix calculation of how much shared memory is required to store a TOC
  • [6886] YSQL: Backup: Fixed backup-restore failure due to unexpected NULLABLE column attribute value.
  • [6890] docdb: Fixed tablet splitting partitions version refresh
  • [6902] Remove recently added LongOperationTracker from ThreadPool
  • [6903] YSQL: Imported from PostgreSQL: Fix pg_dump for GRANT OPTION among initial privileges.
  • [6943] YSQL: Imported from PostgreSQL: Fix ALTER DEFAULT PRIVILEGES with duplicated objects
  • [6953] docdb: Intent metadata_write_time is incorrectly set
  • [6960] docdb - Register ScopedRWOperation when accessing doc_db data in StillHasParentDataAfterSplit
  • [7008] YQL: PermissionsManager::AlterRole() should always rebuild permissions
  • [7040] 2DC: Fix Race Condition On Consumer With Smaller Batch Sizes
  • [7070] YSQL: Imported from PostgreSQL: 'Fix ancient memory leak in contrib/auto_explain.'
  • [7071] Update to latest version of cqlsh
  • [7079] [7153] YSQL: Improve configuration and defaults for client to server encryption
  • [7094] YSQL: Imported from PostgreSQL: 'Avoid crash when rolling back within a prepared statement.'
  • [7097] YSQL: Allow table size hints to be used by query planner
  • [7105] Explicitly clear the global PgMemctx map in YBCDestroyPgGate
  • [7109] Fix a race in accessing the YQLPartitionsVTable::cache_ object
  • [7151] YSQL: disallow tampering with postgres role
  • [7192] YSQL: Imported from PostgreSQL: 'Fix usage of whole-row variables in WCO and RLS policy expressions.'
  • [7237] YSQL: Imported from PostgreSQL: 'pg_attribute_no_sanitize_alignment() macro'
  • [7241] YSQL: Imported from PostgreSQL: 'Avoid divide-by-zero in regex_selectivity() with long fixed prefix.'

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