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v2.4.4.0 (Released May 21, 2021)

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3 years ago

YugabyteDB version contains an important fix for a tcmalloc memory allocation bug which could lead to process crashes. This was caused by a dependency (the gperftools package). If you're using a prior version in the 2.4 series (2.4.1, 2.4.2, 2.4.3), please upgrade as soon as possible.

Refer to issue 8531 for details.

This bug does not affect version

v2.4.4.0 - May 20, 2021


macOS       Linux


docker pull yugabytedb/yugabyte:


Core database

  • [7651] YSQL: Always listen on UNIX domain socket
  • [7873] [DocDB] - Initialize block cache for master/sys_catalog
  • [8037] [DocDB] - Refactor memory management for tablets into a separate class

Yugabyte Platform

  • [8302] Platform: Scrape platform prometheus metrics in replicated

Bug fixes

Core database

  • [8388] ysql: prevent temp indexes from using lsm
  • [8496] Downgrade gperftools to 2.7

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