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v2.4.3.0 (Released May 12, 2021)

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3 years ago

v2.4.3.0 - May 12, 2021


macOS       Linux


docker pull yugabytedb/yugabyte:


Core database

  • [8052] Add ability to configure cipher list

Yugabyte Platform

  • [1342] Fixing the error message when the get host info call to gcp fails

  • [8165]Yugaware creates zombie ssh process

Bug fixes

  • [8176] GCP universes don't have correct nproc system settings.

Core database

  • [8150] [8196] Fix preceding op id in case of empty ops sent to the follower

  • [8348] Correctly handling a failure to create a priority thread pool worker thread

Yugabyte Platform

  • [6758] Unable to reuse On-premise instance incase previouse universe failed / deleted (#8263)

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