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v2.4.2.0 (Released May 03, 2021)

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v2.4.2.0 - May 03, 2021


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docker pull yugabytedb/yugabyte:


Core database

  • [5647] docdb: LB should not move tablets right after splitting
  • [6241] YSQL: Make row key share lock less restrictive
  • [6305] Adaptive Heartbeat Reporting
  • [6445] docdb: Master should rebuild YCQL system.partitions on a background thread
  • [7079] [7153] YSQL: Improve configuration and defaults for client to server encryption
  • [7355] ysql: check backfill bad connection status
  • [7455] [YCQL] Update index from transaction with cross-key statements.
  • [7641] YCQL: Fix checks in index update path that determine full row removal.
  • [7705] ysql: prioritize internal HBA config
  • [7813] [YSQL] YSQL dump should always include HASH/ASC/DESC modifier for indexes/pkey.

Yugabyte Platform

  • [6668] Support platform backup/restore on Kubernetes

Bug fixes

Core database

  • [5383] Fix conflict resolution while adding read intents
  • [6747] [6902] [7109] [7284] YCQL system.partition bug fixes
  • [6960] docdb - Register ScopedRWOperation when accessing doc_db data in StillHasParentDataAfterSplit
  • [7105] Explicitly clear the global PgMemctx map in YBCDestroyPgGate
  • [7145] Fix wrong propagated safe time
  • [7397] Tablet splitting: Crash during generating TSHeartbeat report after split
  • [7835] Don't crash when trying to append ValueType::kTombstone to a key

Yugabyte Platform

  • [1342] [Platform] Fixing the error message when the get host info call to cloud providers fails
  • [6698] [7262] Platform: Cascade delete alert and alert_definition
  • [7054] [Platform] Add conditional checks for hiding specific platform elements in non-platform mode.
  • [7268] [Platform] Use the correct SSH user for on-prem node preflight checks
  • [7385] [Platform] Missing package for s3cmd dependency for airgapped GCP VMs
  • [7390] [Platform] Preflight checks should handle sudo passwords when given
  • [7402] [Platform] parsing of df output is fragile and may fail in case of "safe" error in df
  • [7408] [Platform] Insufficient user feedback in platform for Task Retry
  • [7416] [Platform] Changed default port of On-Prem provider to 22 (#7599)
  • [7475] [Platform] Use more recent CentOS-7 base image for GCP universe VMs
  • [7597] [Platform] Add python modules to PYTHONPATH in non-replicated installations
  • [7656] [Platform] Use the correct SSH user + port for onprem workflow.
  • [7698] [Platform] Custom SMTP Configuration API returns unmasked SMTP password
  • [7703] [Platform] Can't send email for custom SMTP settings without authentication (empty username)
  • [7704] [Platform] Backup to S3 fails using Platform instance's IAM role
  • [7769] Prevent adding on-prem node instance with duplicate IP
  • [7771] [Platform] A lot of exceptions in logs "Error querying for alerts..."
  • [7780] [Platform] Make backup deletion independent of schedule
  • [7810] [Platform] Update SMTP configuration for health check emails
  • [7909] [Platform] Fix issue with signature could not be verified for google-cloud-sdk for GCP VMs
  • [7918] [Platform] Add US-West2 GCP metadata to Platform
  • [7988] [Platform] Backup deletion script shouldn't cause retries

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