github yugabyte/yugabyte-db v2.2.6
v2.2.6.0 (Released Dec 28, 2020)

latest releases:, 2024.1.1.0-b80,
3 years ago

Bug Fixes

Yugabyte Platform
  • [#6602] Creating a TLS enabled universe with a custom home dir setting in on-prem provider fails
Core Database
  • [#6394, #6434] [docdb]: Speedup system.partitions queries
  • [#6435] [docdb]: fixed bloom filter index generation for range-partitioned tablets
  • [#6435] [docdb]: fixed handling of empty bloom filter key in the write path
  • [#6430] [YSQL] Refresh YBCache in case Postgres clears its internal cache

Known Issues

Yugabyte Platform
  • [#6210] Tasks page reports an incorrect status of failed backup

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