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v2.2.4.0 (Released Oct 30, 2020)

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Yugabyte Release Notes v2.2.4 Oct 30, 2020

New features

Yugabyte Platform

Yugabyte Platform operations now allow promoting a Yugabyte TServer only node to run Yugabyte Master and TServer process (5831)


Yugabyte Platform

Enhancements to on-prem Cloud Provider configuration
When creating onprem universes, YW will automatically run provisioning if airgap is enabled now, instead of asking the users to run the pre-provision script. Users will need to run the script only when creating universes without passwordless sudo access.
Do not fail universe creation if cronjobs can't be created for on-prem (5939)
Remove pre-provision script requirement for air-gapped installations (5929)
"Sudo passwordless" in on-prem cloud provider configuration toggle is renamed to “Manually Provision Node”
Added a new "Advanced" section in on-prem cloud provider configuration which includes
Use hostnames
Desired home directory
Node exporter settings
Pre-provisioning of ‘yugabyte’ user is supported for on-prem Cloud Provider. (YB devops script won't run create_user if yugabyte user already exists) (6086)
Improvements to installation of Prometheus Node Exporter utility workflow (5926)
Prometheus Node exporter option is now available in the cloud configuration under advanced settings
Supports bringing your own node exporter user
UI/UX improvements for YB Platform
Add visual feedback when backup or restore is initiated from modal (5908)
Add new button for downloading root cert in Certificates page (5521)
Use the correct disk mount while calculating the disk usage of logs (5983)
Core Database
YSQL Support ROWS_PER_TRANSACTION option for COPY FROM stdin (6069)
Bug Fixes
Yugabyte Platform

[Replicated] Fixed an issue that would leave Replicated in a bad state if the network connection drops while uploading an airgap bundle, preventing the installation from proceeding. (
Fix for the check if changing node count by AZ affects master node placement and requires a full move (5335)
Fix delete backup failure for TLS enabled universes (5980)
Universe disk usage shows up empty on the universe page (5548)
Fix for starting a YB TServer Node when another YB Master is down causes issues (5739)
Fix platform backup script for replicated installations (6130)

Core Database
[docdb] Fix a rare bug on restore which could clear more metadata than necessary (5788)
[docdb] Fix a rare race condition between transactions and snapshots that could lead to a deadlock (6170)

[YSQL] Fix an issue with setting bind address for YSQL metrics endpoint for IPv6 scenarios (4901)
[YCQL] Fix for bug with the duplicate row detection that allows a unique index to get created when the table is not unique on the index column(s) (5811)
[YCQL] Fix a bug with update and expression indexes, where an index row would get deleted if the column is updated without changing the indexed value (expression) (5898)
[YSQL] Fix OOM with \copy or COPY FROM stdin for large files (5603)
Known Issues
Yugabyte Platform
Client Certificates are not valid on download due to incorrect validity time (6118)
Tasks page reports incorrect status of failed backup (6210)

Platform Support Package Improvements
(Only applicable to Non-Replicated installations)
Yugabyte Platform
Fix for On-prem YB Platform backup fails due to file owned by root (6062)

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