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v2.2.3.0 (Released September 30, 2020)

latest releases:, 2024.1.1.0-b81,
3 years ago

New features

Yugabyte Platform
  • Enhancements to RBAC with a new “Backup Admin” role which allows all read-only permissions plus back up operations #5311
  • Display table sizes in the Tables page #3581
  • On-prem Cloud provider instances table list can be sorted and filtered #4757
  • API for disabling auto-generation of database nodes certificate #5545
  • Backup retention policy for auto-deletion of older backups #4493
Core database
  • [YCQL] Introducing Audit Logging feature for YCQL operations #5887
  • [YSQL] Support for ALTER COLUMN type that does not require on-disk changes #4424
  • [YSQL] Support for Transactional batch size in COPY FROM command syntax #2855, #5453
  • [YCQL] Finer grained permission control for TRUNCATE #5443
  • [YSQL] Enable 2DC replication bootstrap for YSQL Tables #5601


Yugabyte Platform
  • Backup improvements
    • YCQL, YSQL, and YEDIS backups are split into different tabs on the backup UI screen
    • Back up operation creates a single restore object regardless of “transactional” field selection
    • Added a new field parallel thread for multi-threading backups
    • YSQL backups only support namespace level backup
    • Backup table list has been revamped with the new UX and shows more details - expiration time, duration, backup ty
    • Universe can be restored with a single action
    • Backup objects can be manually deleted
    • Scheduled backups cron expression shows the next run time in local browser time and the label displays that cron supports UTC only #4709
  • Improve the Replication graph for xDC replication set up to display the graph and metric names cleanly #5429
  • UI improvements for displaying On-prem instances
    • Instance ID is now optional and also shown in the nodes page #4760
    • “In Use” column has been renamed to “Universe Name”
    • Supports adding multiple instances in different rows instead of comma-separated entries
  • Supports generating API tokens for SSO-enabled users
  • Yugabyte Platform restart cancels any tasks that were in progress
  • Remove sudo requirement in DB backup script #5440
Core database
  • [DocDB] Removal of unreachable (dead) nodes from YugabyteDB UI #4759
  • [DocDB] Improvements with selecting better default flags for Index backfill #5494
  • [DocDB] Lower the leader load balancer parallelism for performance improvements #5461

Bug fixes

Yugabyte Platform
  • [Platform] Security hardening: Added CSRF token support
  • [Platform] Support for PingFederate OIDC SSO login for Non Replicated deployments
  • [Platform] Allow on-prem nodes to be reused after releasing them from a universe #5703
Core Database
  • [YCQL] Fix for CQL Index scans when ORDER BY columns exist in the table but not in chosen index #5690
  • [YSQL] Avoids Pushdown down of UPDATE with RETURNING clause #5366
  • [YSQL] Fix for UPDATE operation with partial and expression Indexes #4939
  • [YSQL] OOM issue fix in COPY FROM query #2855
  • [YSQL] OOM issue fix in COPY TO query #5205
  • [DocDB] Crash fix for DNS-enabled Yugabyte Universes #5561
  • [DocDB] Fix for in-memory state not getting updated correctly when using read-from-follower query semantics #1052
  • [DocDB] For Yugabyte Universes using cross-cluster async replication (2DC), added RPC throttling on idle CDC tables to avoid wasting CPU #5472
  • [DocDB] Fix for rare deadlock scenario when the node switches from Leader to Follower state of the tablet and there are pending operations on Leader side #5741
  • [DocDB] Fix to ensure all Yugabyte Tablet Servers are accounted for when Master fails over #5501

Known Issues

Yugabyte Platform
  • Universe disk usage shows up empty on the universe page #5548

Platform Support Package Improvements (Only applicable to Non-Replicated installations)

Yugabyte Platform
  • Platform backup script needs to preserve attributes on copy from Prometheus snapshot #5612
  • Platform backup fails if /opt/yugabyte/release directory does not exist #5615
  • Platform backup script needs to stop Prometheus service during the restore of Prometheus data #5685


Prior to v2.0, YSQL was still in beta. Upon the release of v2.0, a backward-incompatible file format change was made for YSQL. For existing clusters running pre-2.0 release with YSQL enabled, you cannot upgrade to v2.0 or later. Instead, export your data from existing clusters and then import the data into a new cluster (v2.0 or later).

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