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v2.2.2.0 (Released August 19, 2020)

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  • Fix failed backup if restored table was deleted before restoration. #5274
  • Newly elected YB-Master leader should pause before initiating load balancing. #5221
  • Fix backfilling to better handle large indexed table tablets. #5031
  • Fix DROP DATABASE statement should work with databases deleted on YB-Master. #4710
  • For non-prepared statements, optimize pg_statistic system table lookups. #5051
  • [CDC] Avoid periodic querying of the cdc_state table for xDC metrics if there are no replication streams enabled. #5173


  • Implement DNS cache to significantly reduce CPU loads due to a large number of DNS resolution requests (especially for YCQL connections). Adds dns_cache_expiration_ms flag (default is 1 minute). #5201
  • Fixed incorrect names de-mangling in index creation from CatalogManager::ImportSnapshot(). #5157
  • Fixed crashes when inserting literals containing newline characters. #5270
  • Reuse CQL parser between processors to improve memory usage. Add a new cql_processors_limit flag to control processor allocation. #5057

Core database

  • Fix yugabyted fails to start UI due to class binding failure. #5069
  • Show hostnames in YB-Master and YB-TServer Admin UI when hostnames are specified in --webserver_interface, --rpc_bind_addresses, and --server_broadcast_addresses flags. #5002
  • Skip tablets without intents during commits, for example, the case of an update of a non-existing row. #5321
  • Fix log spew when applying an unknown transaction and release a mutex as soon as possible when the transaction is not found. #5315
  • Fix snapshots cleanup when snapshots removed before restart. #5337
  • Replace SCHECK with LOG(DFATAL) when checking for restart-safe timestamps in WAL entries. #5314
  • Replace all CHECK in the load balancer code with SCHECK or RETURN_NOT_OK. #5182
  • Implement DNS cache to significantly reduce CPU loads due to a large number of DNS resolution requests (especially for YCQL connections). Adds dns_cache_expiration_ms flag (default is 1 minute). #5201
  • Avoid duplicate DNS requests when handling system.partitions table requests. #5225
  • Fix leader load balancing can cause CHECK failures if stepdown task is pending on the next run. Sets the global leader balance threshold while allowing progress to be made across tables. Adds new load_balancer_max_concurrent_moves_per_table flag to limit number of leader moves per table. #5181 and #5021
  • Set the async YBClient initialization future in TabletPeer constructor to ensure tablet bootstrap logic can resolve transaction statuses. #5215
  • Handle write operation failures during tablet bootstrap. #5224
  • Drop index upon failed backfill. #5144 #5161
  • Fix WAL overwriting by new leader and replay of incorrect entries on tablet bootstrap. #5003 #3759 #4983
  • Avoid taking a unique lock when starting a lookup request. #5059
  • Set 2DC lag metrics to 0 if not the leader and if the replication is deleted. #5113
  • Set the table to ALTERING state when fully_* is populated. #5139
  • Not the leader errors should not cause a replica to be marked as failed. #5072
  • Use the difference between follower's hybrid time and its safe time as a measure of staleness. #4868

Yugabyte Platform

  • Add Master section below Tablet Server section in Metrics page. #5233
  • Add rpc_connections_alive metrics for YSQL and YCQL APIs. #5223
  • Fix restore payload when renaming table to include keyspace. Disable keyspace field when restoring universe backup. #5178
  • Pass in ssh_user to air-gap provision script and add to the on-premise template. #5132
  • Add the --recursive flag to AZCopy for multi-table restore. #5163
  • Fix transactional backup with specified tables list by including keyspace in payload. #5149
  • Fix undefine object property error when Prometheus is unavailable and navigating to the Replication tab. #5146
  • Backups should take provider-level environment variables, including home directory. #5064
  • Add hostname and display in the Nodes page along with node name and IP address. #4760
  • Support the option of DNS names instead of IP addresses for nodes. Add option in Admin UI to choose between using hostnames or IP addresses for the on-premises provider. #4951 #4950
  • Disable glob before running cleanup of old log files using Fixes issue on Red Hat. #5169
  • Fix Replication graph units and missing graph in Replication tab when metrics exist. #5423

Prior to version 2.0, YSQL was still in beta. As a result, the 2.0 release included a backward-incompatible file format change for YSQL. If you have an existing cluster running releases earlier than 2.0 with YSQL enabled, then you will not be able to upgrade to version 2.0+. Export from your existing cluster and then import into a new cluster (v2.0 or later) to use existing data.

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