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v2.1.5 (April 27, 2020)

latest releases:, 2024.1.1.0-b80,
4 years ago


  • [BETA] The CREATE TABLE statement now supports the SPLIT AT VALUES clause. #1486
  • Read restart for EXECUTE statement if the prepared statement is SELECT. #4205
  • Find and list YSQL tables in yb-admin commands now use table ID instead of table names. #1687
  • The DROP INDEX statement now ignores index backfill.
  • The DROP INDEX statement now ignores DocDB NotFound errors when it doesn't have table metadata, but postgres does. #4249
  • Force single row update prepare statements to use a custom plan that requires boundParams to be sent for creation and execution. #4219
  • Improve performance of multi-column primary keys by generating scanspec for range partitioned tables using condition expression. #4033

System improvements

  • Improve tablet splitting #4169, including:
    • Add support for transaction-enabled tables.
    • Add WAL index flush before copying WAL during table splitting.
  • [colocation] Optimization that pushes index lookup down to DocDB. #3609
  • [colocation] Use range keys by default for colocated tables and indexes. #3034
  • [colocation] Avoid excessive RPC requests for drop and truncate #3387
  • On starting a new yb-master (in edit and add node), update master addresses correctly in yb-master and yb-tserver configuration files. #3636, #4242, and #4245
  • Add backup-related code changes for snapshots #3836, including:
    • Change yb-admin import_snapshot to return an error if there are less new table names than backed up tables. For example, if you rename only two of three tables, an error will be generated.
    • Change yb-admin restore_snapshot and yb-admin list_snapshot to output restoration-id (useful for verifying completed restorations).
  • Support yb-admin import_snapshot renaming only a few tables (but not all), but keeping the specified table name the same as the old table name. #4280
  • Deprecate table_flush_timeout in the yb-admin create_snapshot command.
  • Do not return error in output of yb-admin get_is_load_balancer_idle if load balancer is busy. [#3949]
  • Change yb-tserver /utilz endpoint page to display "Live Ops" instead of "RPCs" and add YSQL statements link #4106
  • Fix access to reset tablet peer during shutdown. #3989
  • GetSafeTime should wait instead of adding to safe time. #3977
  • Add retry logic to snapshot operations. #1032
  • Add TLS encryption support to yb-ts-cli (adds --certs_dir_name flag) for sending secure RPC requests to the servers. #2877
  • Fix yb-ctl failing when passing vmodule in --master_flags . #4234
  • The yugabyte-client package now includes a share folder (containing .sql files) for use by Yugabyte Cloud and other remote client users. #4264

Yugabyte Platform

  • When shrinking a universe, remove nodes in descending index order. #3292
  • Add back up and restore of Yugabyte Platform using script. #4208
  • Change to use the yb-admin changes for backup-related changes for snapshot (see System improvements above).
  • Fix expected restoration state in the script.
  • Allow users to select multiple single tables to backup in addition to specifying a full universe backup. #3680
  • Customize the SMTP server for sending alert messages using configuration entries for smtpData (smtpServer, smtpPort, emailFrom, smtpUsername, smtpPassword, useSSL, and useTLS). #4201
  • [YW] Add option to specify table keyspace when creating manual or scheduled backups. #3342
  • For Azure Storage blob backups, use SAS tokens instead of Service Principal client secrets.
  • Add create and restore backup support for Azure Blob Storage with SAS tokens. #3721
  • [YW] Add IAM Role toggle in provider storage configuration to use the IAM role instead of requiring an Access Key and Secret. #4204
  • [YW] When creating a universe and AWS provider is selected, display new Use IAM Profile toggle and ARN String text field. #4199
  • Use Raft configuration as a source for master addresses in server.conf for master. #4089
  • [YW] If a node appears as unreachable, it can be removed or released without generating errors. #4171
  • [YW] Create GCP providers with any combination of host credentials and host (or shared) VPC. #4177


Prior to 2.0, YSQL was still in beta. As a result, 2.0 release includes a backward incompatible file format change for YSQL. This means that if you have an existing cluster running releases older than 2.0 with YSQL enabled, then you will not be able to upgrade to version 2.0+. Export from old cluster and import into a new 2.0+ cluster is needed for using existing data.

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