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v2.1.0 (February 25, 2020)

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We are excited to announce the general availability of YugabyteDB 2.1 release.

The blog posts below detail the features highlighted in the release notes on this page.

Generally Available Features

Performance improvements in Yugabyte SQL

  • YCSB - 10x gain since 2.0 release
  • TPC-C - first release to run the full TPC-C suite

Geo-distributed, multi-cloud clusters

Enterprise-grade security enhancements

Beta Features

New & Improved Ecosystem Integrations Since 2.0 Release



[YSQL] Fix table location cache for system and colocated tables. #3416
[YSQL] Enable ALTER TABLE IF EXISTS syntax. #3417
[YSQL] Use std::future in PgDocOp to fetch RPC result. #3240
[YSQL] Cleanup unique index if its creation fails. #3462
[YSQL] Eliminate redundant foreign key checks. #3328
[YSQL] Batch all write operations when possible. #2934
[YSQL] allow CREATE DATABASE ENCODING unicode/utf8 #3595
[YSQL] Fixed test wrong assumption in yb_dml_systable_scan.
[YSQL] Use smart pointers for YBqlOp and YBPgsqlOp. #3641
[YSQL] Provide a GFLAG to suppress unsupported error. #3633


[YCQL] Add gflag to create YCQL tables as transactional by default; change GROUP from reserved word to keyword; fix duplicate column error message. #3313
[YCQL] Fixed unexpected 'Duplicate Object' error from the CatalogManager. #2475
[YCQL] Fixed: signal 11: seg fault: yb::ql::PreparedResult::PreparedResult. #3415
[YCQL] Application stuck in BoundStatement execution if a variable was not bound. #3419

DocDB Distributed Store

Set the default history retention duration to 120 seconds. #3373
Fix metrics error after resetting percentiles.. #3362
Extract classes from to separate files. #1032
Recover after write stop. #3331
Fix issue with yugabyted process restart loop. #3207
Track replicated batches at transaction participant. #3220
Backfill Index Table. #448
[Colocation] Use 4 byte PG table ID as dockey prefix. #3365
YB inbound RPCs throttling on soft memory limit. #2563
BlockBasedMemory mem-trackers should use the "tablet" MetricsEntity instead of "servers". #3364
Mean for metrics histograms should be based on the current values, not historic values. #3470
Make yugabyted work with docker volume mounts. #3513
Added Graph to track Rocksdb write rejections. #2871
Fsync before WAL close. #3490
Enable percentiles for redis metrics. #3362
BlockBasedMemory mem-trackers may already exist in OpenKeyValueTablet. #3364
[cdc] Avoid race condition with CDCReadRpc. #3441
Call TransactionParticipant shutdown from Tablet shutdown. #3495
Point yugabyted to system conf file if present. #3169
Backfill Index Table - TServer side implementation for backfilling non-unique indices. #448
colocation: make reads aware of table tombstone #3359
Add ability to set hybrid time filter to existing rocksdb files. #1032
Server crash on startup after table truncate. #3524
Move all yugabyted modified data under central var dir. #3524
Add physical time to cdc_state table. #2837
docdb: iterate over intents past kTransactionId #3482
Prevent callback from detached rocksdb instance; prevent race condition between insert and truncate; disable rocksdb flush on truncate. #3288
Persist cdc min replicated index in the superblock. #3418
[CDC] Clean up cdc_state rows for deleted streams. #2529
yugabyted does not start with custom config file. #3634
[2DC] Create new BootstrapProducer API. #3319
Fix key processing on CDCProducer. #3582
Make yb-docker-ctl compatible with python3
Backfill index: handle failed master -> TS rpc. #3627
[cdc] Add Last Consumer Checkpoint to CDC Producer Metrics. #2154
Evict log cache at follower after operation was appended to log. #3665
Implement transaction sealing w/o abort. #3220
[Colocated] Master should issue AddTableToTable only for subsequent tables. #3681
Extract HeartbeatDataProvider from Heartbeater. #3571
Avoid sending apply intents from the follower. #3698

Yugabyte Platform

YW Alerting improvements. #2892
Add the 'snooze alerts status' of a universe to the health check panel. #2891
Added UI support to be able to snooze and enable alerts. #2891
Add toggle to take backup button. #3341
Redirect yugaware logs from yugabyted into yugabyte-logs dir. #3516
Add features for the read only user.
Add endpoint to support creation of user roles in YB database(s).
Add ability to specify list of tables to backup. #3614
Fix metrics url check. #3653
Do not merge flags during a gflag update. #3533
Add option to add, delete users
[YW][#3211] Add ESC key binding to document to close any modal on the screen by calling the onHide callback.#3211
[YW][#3332] Add default value for currentProvider and fix eslint warnings. #3332
[YW][#3680] Enable multi-table backups in CreateBackups modal. #3680
Add authentication for registering new users.
[YW][OSS] Add support to disable the Enable/Disable Backup button on the Tables tab, and change color of disabled TableActions
Handle overall exceptions in a better way. #3676

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