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v2.0.9 (January 02, 2020)

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4 years ago

YSQL Changes

  • [YSQL] Push down LIMIT clause for INDEX_ONLY_SCAN. #3128
  • [YSQL] Drop DB persist, delete sys tables. #2997
  • [YSQL] Correctly report unsupported features in plpgsql grammar. #2005
  • [YSQL] Enable DISCARD statement in grammar. #2491
  • [YSQL] Update only the assigned columns in UPDATE statement. #3106
  • [YSQL] Move YBCPgSession and PgTxnManager into PgApiImpl. #3053
  • [YSQL] Deprecate num_tablets in CreateTableRequestPB
  • [YSQL] Support create colocated db/table . #3033

YCQL Changes

  • [YCQL] Support conditional DMLs in transaction statement block. #166
  • [YCQL] Compatibility Issue - Not processing older format of protobuf message when picking index. #3175

System improvements

  • Enable CXX11 ABI. #3116
  • Limited transactional DDL: each DDL statement in its own transaction. #3108
  • Improved TcpStream::sending_ queue memory tracking. #3041
  • Per service gauge counter for number of enqueued rpcs. #2389
  • Handle GetChanges(MinimumOpID) as a Request for the First Log Entry. #3036
  • Fixed vmodule logging configuration. #3176
  • Log over-replicated tablets in load balancer. #3173
  • Fix for stuck Inbound RPC connections due to hitting memory limit. #2562
  • Retry transaction status table creation if it fails. #3182
  • Add ability to set transaction priority range using SQL. #3024
  • Delete provisional records RocksDB SSTable files. #2186


  • [YW] Change Intro dialog to only appear on login. Add checkbox in Intro dialog for permanently hiding modal. #3138
  • [Platform] Fix console errors in UI code #2790
  • [YW] Fix backup Universe from changing to undefined url
  • [Platform] Task history not reflecting when a encryption is enabled/disabled/rotated #2929
  • Add per node metrics for health. #2894
  • Implement RBAC in Yugaware. #2793
  • Add chrony configuration while provision step. #3038

Note on upgrades from pre 2.0 releases

Version 2.0 release includes a backward incompatible file format change for YSQL. Note: Prior to 2.0, YSQL was still in beta. This means that if you have an existing cluster running releases older than 2.0 with YSQL enabled, then you will not be able to upgrade to version 2.0 or higher release.

There are two ways to address the above note.

  • If you don't care about preserving your existing data, then delete your cluster, and create a new
    cluster with 2.0.x.x
  • If you want to continue using your existing data, then please save your data,
    delete the cluster, create a new cluster with 2.0.x.x and then load the previously saved data.

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