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v2.0.6 (November 23, 2019)

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4 years ago

YSQL changes

  • [YSQL] Transparent read restarts for general queries. #1237
  • [YSQL] Support row level security (RLS) as per Postgres. #1870
  • [YSQL] use database type in catalog_manager for keyspace name uniqueness. #1476
  • [YSQL] Enable fmgr cache for C functions. #2596
  • [YSQL] fix delete from table returning * query with dropped columns. #2398
  • [YSQL] Update catalog manager data while renaming YSQL table, DB and columns. #2280
  • [YSQL] FOR [NO KEY] UPDATE. #2842
  • Use transaction pool for YSQL. #2909
  • [YSQL] Increase default PostgreSQL output buffer size; fix a bug with unnamed_stmt_psrc. #2975
  • [YSQL] use ~/.yugabytedb as default certificate folder for ysqlsh #2985
  • [YSQL] Pick transaction id such that its leader is local to transaction coordinator #2889

System improvements

  • [docdb] Speedup data loading in Master Leader startup. #2663
  • [docdb] Speedup CREATE DATABASE for YSQL.
  • Set Timeout and elapsed time in same units #2826
  • Track memory taken by CDC producer. #2888
  • Cleanup TIMED_OUT calls from /rpcz. #2807
  • Improve logging of shutting down idle and broken connections. #2918
  • Do not display user index tables as system tables in master UI. #2921
  • CDC Producer Metrics. #2154
  • yb-admin support for in-memory encryption keys. #2916
  • Poll TCMalloc stats on update of root MemTracker. #2566
  • Fix LB enable / disable handling. #1942
  • Propagate hybrid time from follower. #2956


  • [Platform] - Rotate key with service should not rely on alias/cmk already existing #2943
  • [YW] Enable alerts email button is not clickable #2827
  • [Platform] - Fix SetUniverseKey task for unencrypted universes #2976
  • Fix k8s metrics for CPU and Disk Usage.
  • [Platform] Support instance profiles for default CMK policy #2949

Note on upgrades from pre 2.0 releases

Version 2.0 release includes a backward incompatible file format change for YSQL. Note: Prior to 2.0, YSQL was still in beta. This means that if you have an existing cluster running releases older than 2.0 with YSQL enabled, then you will not be able to upgrade to version 2.0 or higher release.

There are two ways to address the above note.

  • If you don't care about preserving your existing data, then delete your cluster, and create a new
    cluster with 2.0.x.x
  • If you want to continue using your existing data, then please save your data,
    delete the cluster, create a new cluster with 2.0.x.x and then load the previously saved data.

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