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v2.0.5 (November 15, 2019)

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4 years ago

YSQL changes

  • [YSQL] Change HINT text for unsupported "alter procedure/function". #2718
  • [YSQL] Support client-server TLS encryption #2471
  • [YSQL] Fix Master crash when deleting YSQL database #2665
  • [YSQL] Fix read point for row lock stmt. #2523
  • [YSQL] Transparent read restarts for aggregate queries. #2216
  • [YSQL] Show oid for YSQL tables in master UI. #1525

YCQL changes

  • [YCQL] Server crashes on WHERE condition for key_column and collection_column. #2638
  • [YCQL] NULL value for clustering PK column causes driver to keep retrying. #2737
  • [YCQL] Support nested user-defined types #2729

System improvements

  • Pipe cmk policy into EncryptionAtRestService #2714
  • [CDC] Include CDC consumer op ID while determining op ID to evict from cache. #2317
  • [docdb] Roll forward master tablet deletion on fault during DeleteTable #2721
  • Add optional placement_uuid to yb-admin. #2589
  • Truncate fails after add_node, problem on bootstraping #2804
  • Update glog to fix issue with stack trace symbolization. #2800
  • Implement new write throttling algorithm based on number of SST files in leader and followers. #2750
  • Improve sending CQL result from TServer. #1450
  • Fix non transactional conflict resolution. #2823
  • Do not flush rocksdb memtable when user drops table. #2719
  • Add and update placement ID for read replicas. #2876
  • [CDC] Use new GetChanges API on CDC Consumer. #2863
  • Fix DeleteTable concurrency issues. #2799
  • [2DC] Don't log CDC record data. #2841
  • Add support for in memory universe keys #2682
  • Lower consensus_max_batch_size_bytes default to 4MB. #2739
  • Inbound RPC calls are not destroyed until timeout or service shutdown #2887
  • Don't reset cdc_state checkpoint to 0.0. #2897
  • Change failure handling in ProcessRpcStatus. #2879
  • Do smart consumer producer tablet mapping. #2679
  • Add Java Client Support for Encryption at Rest #2906
  • Generate new rejection score on retry. #2750


  • [Platform] Add ability to turn off encryption at rest for an encrypted at rest universe #2730
  • [Platform] Cache universe key registry in memory on YW side #2770
  • [Platform] Add ability to launch aws instances with encryption enabled storage #2759
  • [Platform] Scheduled backups for Single table and Full universe flows.
  • [Platform] Use a YW default CMK policy instead of the AWS default policy #2896
  • [Platform] Enable support for Rotate Key/Disable Key/Enable Key flows. #2927
  • [Platform] Integrate YW KMS with in-memory encryption at rest #2915
  • [Platform] Rotate key with service should not rely on alias/cmk already existing #2943
  • [Platform] Periodic job to set latest universe key into master from YW #2728

Note on upgrades from pre 2.0 releases

Version 2.0 release includes a backward incompatible file format change for YSQL. Note: Prior to 2.0, YSQL was still in beta. This means that if you have an existing cluster running releases older than 2.0 with YSQL enabled, then you will not be able to upgrade to version 2.0 or higher release.

There are two ways to address the above note.

  • If you don't care about preserving your existing data, then delete your cluster, and create a new cluster with 2.0.x.x
  • If you want to continue using your existing data, then please save your data,
    delete the cluster, create a new cluster with 2.0.x.x and then load the previously saved data.

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