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v2.0.10 (January 06, 2020)

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YSQL Changes

  • [YSQL] Fixed an issue with PgDocOp lifespan sometimes being too short.
  • [YSQL] "UPDATE" fails if any "NOT NULL" columns aren't updated #3174
  • [YSQL] Force network library initialization on postmaster startup on macOS. 2509

YCQL Changes

  • [YCQL] Table stuck in the keyspace after deletion #3032

System improvements

  • Implement one way bitmap and Extract CleanupTransaction from YBTransaction. #3220
  • Improved rocksdb corruption error logging. #2961
  • Added TCMalloc stats when dumping memory usage. #3190


[YW] Fix infinitely updating state causing React to fail. Reason is calling setState repeatedly in componentDidUpdate will create an infinite depth nested state update.

Note on upgrades from pre 2.0 releases

Version 2.0 release includes a backward incompatible file format change for YSQL. Note: Prior to 2.0, YSQL was still in beta. This means that if you have an existing cluster running releases older than 2.0 with YSQL enabled, then you will not be able to upgrade to version 2.0 or higher release.

There are two ways to address the above note.

  • If you don't care about preserving your existing data, then delete your cluster, and create a new
    cluster with 2.0.x.x
  • If you want to continue using your existing data, then please save your data,
    delete the cluster, create a new cluster with 2.0.x.x and then load the previously saved data.

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