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v1.1.0 (Sep 17, 2018)

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Overview of Changes

  • Distributed multi-shard/multi-table ACID transactions!
  • Global & consistent secondary indexes
  • UNIQUE constraint on secondary indexes
  • Native JSON data type
  • Public/private IP bindings for multi/hybrid cloud or multi-region deployments
  • User authentication
  • Redis-compatibility features added to our YEDIS API:
    • “Read from followers” for tunable read consistency
    • Support for multiple databases or namespaces
    • Support for MONITOR, EXPIRE, TTL
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements
  • Plus excellent progress on the Postgres-compatible SQL API!

Key Commits

  • [068f64f] Fixes #49 #111 #465 Efficiently support IN conditions for clustering columns
  • [92d442a] [#386] Switch ResettableHeartbeater with Periodic timer
  • [4ff9e7c] Remove TTL from init marker on TS type.
  • [7b28dd7] Cap max pre-allocated file size for compactions at 1G
  • [887820d] Fix hang during tserver shutdown
  • [afef8f2] Fixes #469: Optimize QLResultSet to serialize rows results directly
  • [2fdad35] #456: Update committed hybrid time from WAL records
  • [7e4108a] #467: Fix several issues with remote bootstrap
  • [0d9feb2] #338 Preliminary support for Redis Lists
  • [d902325] #334 Redis (P)ExpireAt Support
  • [d4865d4] #460: Add handling of controller status in GetMasterEntryForHosts
  • [19c9fed] Add memory limit to ram ratio (#458)
  • [c6538a8] Added broadcast address for stable pod IDs in K8s. This fixes master/tserver pod failure cases. (#464)
  • [cdbf60c] [#289] Cleanup intents for aborted transactions in the compaction path
  • [a0a2072] #459: Upgrading k8s yb cluster fails when bind address is private ip of pod.
  • [8438e9f] #418: Increase default network rate for remote bootstrap
  • [653871a] Prevent PeerMessageQueue from being deleted while Peer could use it
  • [6022cae] Add loadbalancer option (#450)
  • [154810c] (#418) Rate limiter for remote bootstrap
  • [e4a55b9] #451: Fix double reply in case of read from follower during startup
  • [5842ed6] Expose raw size in tablet-server metrics #439
  • [3bd4f37] #451: Check result of weak_ptr lock, before doing actual call in LocalYBInboundCall
  • [900a733] Fix CassandraSecondaryIndex degradation
  • [f8a83c2] Use scoped_refptr for pggate classes so we can get rid of maps from raw to shared pointers
  • [41b9a6e] #384 Rename ApplyAsync to ApplyOperation and get rid of the unused apply thread pool
  • [6cc4bfb] Reverse scan should handle intents.
  • [48a3d8f] Set in-memory master address list in tserver after a full move.
  • [5a460b8] #444: IntentAwareIterator is missing intents even during a forward scan
  • [d355997] Fixes #445 Invalid start_doc_key error with IN condition and paging state
  • [78c4c26] Split tables in YB /tables view by system/index/user
  • [e33a2bb] IntentAwareIterator could miss intents from the same transaction
  • [e940d61] #403 Support Deleting and Recreating a Redis Table online.
  • [2a4fb09] #432: Add "transactions" and "is_unique" columns to system_schema.indexes
  • [898e432] Integrate basic PostgreSQL statements from the external PostgreSQL process with the internal YugaByte PostgreSQL API
  • [82884f9] Skip cleanup when transaction is not loaded
  • [4be4c9b] Fixes #441: Return selected columns of "select * ..." with index in the same order of the table columns.
  • [b2164ff] Fixes #434: Deletes of specific range key incorrectly deleting all rows for that partition key
  • [b052e13] Fix to execute GetSegmentsSnapshot using lock
  • [1c6e237] #428: Support remote bootstrap for very large tablets
  • [eb04e90] Add file_macro to CCACHE_SLOPPINESS for better ccache hit ratio
  • [36953b4] #388: Support batch request of DMLs on table with secondary index
  • [d55bad6] Fix handling of write intents for aborted transaction
  • [73a5e9d] Ignore error when removing index from the indexed table while dropping an index.
  • [9d0085a] [#427] Change CQL wire protocol to move the JSONB type
  • [b5d66ea] Make master and tserver have their own overrides (#426)
  • [94be2b1] Fix UpdateTransaction call during cleanup
  • [03a3e47] #423: Truncate indexes when truncating a table
  • [7e82039] Remove intents of aborted transactions
  • [8758c9f] #343 Implement Select and CreateDB commands.
  • [026b582] Allow overriding the UUID to be used for new instance metadata for a fresh master or tserver
  • [03079e3] Allow remote compiler execution mode for Postgres build
  • [8765bab] #415: End a query always when LIMIT clause is hit.
  • [e65b6ed] #397: Added ability to specify multiple endpoints for master
  • [9bc7dc1] #410: Remove unused CQLRpcServerEnv
  • [7b925bd] Support for SELECT in Postgres API
  • [74751e8] #407: Refactor CQL write dependency check
  • [ee502c7] (#398) Make secondary index update RPC calls async

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