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v0.9.8 (Mar 21, 2018)

latest releases:, v2.20.4.1,
pre-release6 years ago

Overview of changes

  • Basic jsonb serialization and de-serialization to support a document datatype
  • Lots of performance improvements
    • Improved performance when running on 2 core machines with auto-tuning of various gflags
    • Reduced lock contention
    • Eliminated unnecessary memory copies
  • YugaByte DB can now run on ZFS filesystem
  • Initial secondary index read/write support
  • Handling large requests in Redis and memory protection on violating max command size

Key commits

  • [cdf48e3] Fix hybrid time going backwards because of logical component overflow
  • [0bf401e] Add RPC read buffers to MemTracker
  • [451b7f8] Misc client template simplifications
  • [e27d429] #103 Do not crash due to block size mismatch on ZFS
  • [218ddcd] Remove log spew from TabletServiceImpl::Read
  • [956deb2] #101 pick better auto-defaults for max number of compactions
  • [28ca802] Keep java client API to pass in number of tablets for redis table creation.
  • [e321311] Secondary index read/write
  • [e463718] Fix macOS build issue in
  • [f4a1c89] Fix build in
  • [5a91590] #1 Enable building on gcc 7 on Ubuntu 17.10
  • [6f9bdef] Add version info to log file including build timestamp and git
  • [f9bafcc] New clock abstraction layer
  • [2826097] Change defaults on server side for some flags.
  • [0440305] Fix missing comma in ybctl for pgsql service display.
  • [a18d393] Remove number of tablets from redis table creation client APIs.
  • [26f909e] RPC support for processing commands from Postgresql clients.
  • [40786a4] #97: Fix for Fatal failure on scaling down kubernetes cluster
  • [a60c81f] Report the stored log entry header CRC in the CRC mismatch error message.
  • [4c6baeb] Remove semi-colon requirement after "begin transaction" plus misc code cleanup.
  • [5104ad2] #98: Remove pointer to TableReader from MultiLevelIndexReader
  • [4327930] Quick fix of SegFault during reads.
  • [44640b0] Avoid copying of QLValue and QLValuePB.
  • [960f19f] Do not print a failure message when remote bootstrap is started successfully
  • [5b16cf1] Send num shards parameter to master from yb-ctl.
  • [c311ad3] Master removal needs to remove yb-data contents for shell mode.
  • [2726eac] Resolving bug where the placement info that gets allocated to a master/tserver is off by one respect to the command line argument.
  • [280fdc0] Fix ScopedPendingOperation to return Status::Busy error when unavailable.
  • [d16bc28] Backoff exponentially for server too busy errors
  • [e0b78dc] Set upperbound for intent iterator in IntentAwareIterator.
  • [7147469] Miscellaneous test improvements, and better diagnostics before a fatal error in MvccManager::AddPending
  • [6be69a8] Handle case when read buffer is full and command is not fully transferred yet
  • [72de5cb] Put ValueType::kIntentPrefix's before all non-intent ValueTypes.
  • [ed45995] Handle dependencies for libraries in
  • [556f710] TSAN Race Condition between Register and Load Balancer.
  • [e2f4b9b] Fix the increment of SQLProcessor_ExecuteRequest metric.
  • [2871820] #93 Fix trying to read ahead of the log while preparing peer request
  • [b1d4d7f] #90: Reduce lock contention in TabletInvoker::IsLocalCall
  • [0250c13] #88: Fix return value from XX and NX options
  • [63363df] Basic jsonb serialization and de-serialization code.
  • [897a925] #86: Accept lowercase options for SET
  • [679b57b] Fix bug timezone parsing for timestamp literals
  • [4902d06] Allow flushing all tablets of a given table

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