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v0.9.7 (Mar 07, 2018)

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Overview of changes

  • Enables high data density by turning multi-level indexing on by default. This allows efficient queries even where there is a lot of data per node.
  • Core performance fixes to run better on lightweight (2 vCPU) machines
  • Better handling of huge io spikes. The scenario is having many more requests from the clients than what the database cluster can handle.
  • Tuning the Redis query layer performance

Key commits

  • [a4498b4] #88: Ensure we check TTL when we look up the type of a subdoc
  • [beae94d] Remove Scoped watch stack from outbound calls. Gflags for consensus log
  • [abe90b1] Make the appenders use a thread pool
  • [6b33e8d] Bundle in the release package.
  • [e94574c] Change defaults for the number of concurrent tserver-to-master RPCs and Redis buffer size
  • [e96545a] Allow std::atomic usage with clang and libstdc++
  • [13724f5] Remove unnecessary encoding and decoding from DocDB
  • [b36c90e] Spawn a shell master when adding a new master.
  • [702d528] Use multi-level indexes by default
  • [72ffc21] Fixing reactor-test: DelayedTask::AbortTask should still call the callback for tasks that have not been scheduled
  • [c0c4c7b] Add paging to table iterator to fix RaftConsensusITest.TestAutoCreateReplica

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