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0.9.5 (Feb 16, 2018)

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Overview of changes

  • Support for natively running YugaByte DB using Kubernetes StatefulSets! YugaByte DB now works in GKE as well.
  • Distributed transactions supported at isolation level SNAPSHOT ISOLATION.
  • HINCRBY support in Redis API.
  • Defaults for CQL client driver switched to strong consistency.
  • Lots of performance enhancements and fixes. Notably - lock free hybric clock implementation. New YugaByte perf report uploaded.
  • Improved debuggability - added slow query logging for Redis.
  • Overhauled the third party build system to make it more readable and easy to maintain.


Key commits

  • [2150bee] Added AWS C++ SDK 3rd party.
  • [8d8030f] Fix TransactionManager destruction
  • [9546e7e] Fix counter column datatype in system_schema.columns.
  • [3074f56] Allow multiple writes of the same row within a batch request.
  • [8ee1288] Update 3rd party version for mac
  • [cfd54dd] Periodic timers
  • [2292067] Implement HIncrBy
  • [7a7421f] Fix a CHECK failure due to handling of slow responses when looking for leader master
  • [bed88c9] Create
  • [90ae07b] Update
  • [ab9deaa] Set defaults for read_pool_* flags
  • [eb32648] #51: Kubernetes cname only tries the first ip address on GKE (#53)
  • [2dbd7e8] Update yugabyte-statefulset.yaml
  • [0c87387] Fix master UI to show only running tables
  • [c294304] Capture by reference to avoid copies during HMGet
  • [c6d2635] High CPU usage in CleanWaitingConnections
  • [d4fd22c] Print slow queries for Redis. Similar to CQL
  • [6488bfd] Set GLOG flag so that we do not sync for WARNING messages
  • [e230091] Fix parsing of tcmalloc max thread cache bytes.
  • [54121c0] Added tests for ImportSnapshotMeta.
  • [072595a] Update Cassandra Java driver versions to use default YB_STRONG consistency level.
  • [c62d02a] Make HybridClock Now/Update lock-free
  • [4fa3118] Parallelize reads for Redis ops in the same TabletService::Read request
  • [8cd931c] Increase tcmalloc local thread cache size for tservers.
  • [3ef0019] Reuse iterator for Redis Operations
  • [dfb16c9] Prevent core dumps for LOG(FATAL) and CHECK.
  • [07ffec9] Fix QLTabletTest.SkewedClocks and other safe time logic in MvccManager
  • [58c97d3] Change YQL transaction isolation level to SNAPSHOT_ISOLATON.

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