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v2.4.1.0 (Released Feb 17, 2021)

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v2.4.1 - Feb 17, 2021


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docker pull yugabytedb/yugabyte:


Yugabyte Platform

  • When creating/restoring backups, use the local UNIX socket to connect to YSQL instead of the hostname if authentication is enabled 5571
  • Optimizations to theYSQL layer to apply empty deletes only when required 5686
  • On universe creation, platform checks that clocks are synchronized 6017
  • Health Check generates alerts if it isn't running 6581
  • Manual provisioning now runs the same preflight checks as regular provisioning 6819
  • Retrying a failed task now provides visual feedback 6820
  • Removed the "Transactions" plot line from YSQL Ops and Latency graphs 6839
  • You can now specify a minimum TLS version for Platform 6893, 7140
  • Health checks now default to TLS 1.2 7196

Core Database

  • The YB-TServer metrics output (for example, on localhost) now shows the total affected rows for each operation. 4600
  • YSQL: Backup for colocated databases 4874
    • Backup: Fix restore of colocated table with table_oid already set 6678
  • Metrics thread now start after the first replication stream is created 5251
  • The YB-TServer metrics output (for example, on localhost) now shows transaction BEGIN, COMMIT, and ROLLBACK statements. 6486
  • Restore now preserves the exact partitioning of the source tablets 6628
  • Enabled a sanity check to ensure that the tablet lookup result matches the partition key 7016

Bug Fixes

Yugabyte Platform

  • Release instance was not an option for a node if an install failed because of SSH access 5942
  • Backup-related tasks (schedules, restores, deletes) failed when the storage configuration was deleted 6680
  • VPC cross-linking failed during creation of an AWS provider 6748
  • Fixes to YSQL backups with node-to-node TLS encryption enabled 6965
    • Add certs flags to ysql_dump when backing up a node-to-node TLS-enabled universe
  • Corrected an error when backing up multiple YSQL namespaces in a universe that is encrypted at rest 7114
  • Fixed a syntax error in replicated.yml 7180
  • Fixed an issue preventing health checks from using an appropriate TLS version 7196

Core Database

  • ybase: a blacklisted TS' initial load was not replicated during master failover 6397
  • The CREATE INDEX statement generated by ysql_dump now uses SPLIT INTO syntax 6537
  • YCQL: Fixed a bug with an index update on a list after an overwrite 6735
  • Fixed a bug in YSQL for online index backfill capabilities, to ensure deletes to an index are persisted during backfill 6811
  • YCQL: Fixed various issues for literals of collection datatypes 6829, 6879
  • The permissions map is now rebuilt after all ALTER ROLE operations 7008
  • Fixes to Async Replication 2DC capabilities, including a bug fix for a race condition on consumer with smaller batch sizes 7040

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