github yonaskolb/Mint 0.11.0

latest releases: 0.17.5, 0.17.4, 0.17.3...
5 years ago


  • Added Linux support #82 @yonaskolb
  • Executable names are now automatically read from Package.swift #95 @yonaskolb
  • All executables in Package.swift are now installed #95 @yonaskolb
  • If multiple executables exist and one is not provided in mint run it will ask you which one to run #95 @yonaskolb


  • Breaking: changed MINT_INSTALL_PATH env to MINT_LINK_PATH #97 @yonaskolb
  • Breaking: changed --prevent-global to --no-link #97 @yonaskolb
  • Breaking: replaced mint update with mint install --force #96 @yonaskolb
  • --silent now applies to mint install in addition to mint run @yonaskolb


  • Breaking: Swift packages without executable products are no longer supported
  • Breaking: Older style quoted command invocations are no longer supported. eg mint run realm/SwiftLint "swiftlint autocorrect"



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