github yattee/yattee 1.5.2-181

pre-release20 days ago

Build 181

  • History Setting: hide the recent activity in the sidebar or limit the number of items shown (by @rickykresslein)
  • Fix issues with empty comments (by @stonerl)
  • Improved Invidious comments (by @stonerl)
  • Downgrade MPVKit to 0.36.0-1 due to issues with WebVTT subtitles
  • Updated localizations
  • Updated dependencies

Previous builds

  • Add skip, play/pause, and fullscreen shortcuts to macOS player (by @rickykresslein)
  • Added Settings Import/Export
    • Export all settings, instances and accounts
    • Import selected elements from the file
    • Include unencrypted passwords in the export or provide them during the import
    • Import via URL for tvOS
  • Added Controls setting "Action button labels" icon or icon and text
  • Added Advanced setting for MPV: "deinterlace"
  • Add help text to all header buttons (by @rickykresslein)
  • Add Chinese (Traditional) localization (by @rexcsk)
  • Localization fixes
  • Updated localizations
  • Fixed reported crash
  • Other minor changes and improvements

Big thanks to the current, past and future project contributors!

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